Forgotten: 1955 Californian Sport Special


The history of the american fiberglass cars is still quite obscure as many of these were produced in very few specimens and, nonetheless, the italian sports cars of the same era cast a huge shoadow on these creations.


Steel and aluminium were much more expensive than fiberglass and they required skills and time to be shaped properly while Fiberglass allwed people to build their own dream sports cars with less money, also because there were a lot of chassis to rely on, just like the Ford chassis this car is based on.


Two only of these Californian are known to exist, and this one only is for sale in this moment. As just wrote, the (modified) chassis, wheels and the flathead engine come from a Ford but on this car we see a couple of Offenhauser heads and a couple of carburetors mounted on a special intake mainfold to complete the “Sports” look: differently by many of these fiberglass cars this one looks cared in many way: the dashboard is simple buut complete and elegant, the seats don’t look torture instruments and, most of all, the body is well shaped and proportioned. This isn’t, like italian sports cars, a tiny car nor it hasn’t an exotic engine but still it looks as special as its name tells. Find it for sale here in Tampa, FL, with bidding at $14,100 and reserve not met.

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