Summer blue: 1963 Fiat 1500 Spider


This Fiat 1500 Spider doesn’t belong to the OSCA family branch but, from an aesthetic point of view, it isn’t less attractive than its scarcer relatives.


Indeed that’s actually the first time we see this color combo on this model: yes we’ve already seen the pale blue paint but never mated to a tan interiors: the result is, as it’s easy even to imagine, striking. And not only because of the color combo, but also because this car seem well restored. Of course there could be a gap among the photos and the reality but what we can see is nothing but good.

0289582250013The seller says that not only the car has been restored, but that the car has still its original service book which is an item almost impossible to find on a 50 years old car, along with its spare keys . Still the engine is a “simple” 1500 c.c. pushrod engine which has not the exotic allure (and power) of the OSCA twin-cam unit but, on the other side, is much more reliable and solid than the twin cam. Find it for sale at €33,000 (today $37,000) here in Lucca, Italy.

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