Never give up: 1963 Fiat 600 Multipla


This Fiat 600 Mutipla is patiently waiting for its savior as the actual owner (and seller) says that he has not time to restore it.


That’s bad for him but good for the future owner as this Multipla is for sure a car which needs a total restoration but, at the same time, it looks to have quite solid floors, good interiors and it is basically complete, including the correct roof rack which is always a nice touch on this model.


Also the engine bay looks correct and not dirty at all: the outer engine components, like the air filter, look correct like anything has been replaced during the last 50 years so this car looks a correct and good basis for a restoration which basically will involve some metal and paint job, an engine rebuild and few things more. The asking price is low so there’s a fair financial room to complete it. Find it for sale at €3,850 (today $4,400) here in Lecce, Italy.


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