More info needed: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale “P2”


We didn’t understand much about the origins of this car so, please, whoever has some more info about it could tell us and we’ll be glad to publish them.


Indeed this car (chassis #101.20 00196) , which looks a “normal” Giulietta Sprint Speciale is said to be one of the four prototypes built by Alfa Romeo on the Sprint Speciale chassis. It has big differences from the “stock” SS which include but aren’t limited to: “…one piece tilt front body, radiused and flared wheel wells, SZ style cockpit, widened body tub, perspex window, six inches wide Borrani wheels, lightweight race seats, lowered suspension, 1600 engine with DCOE Weber carburetors”. The car is said to have been displayed for years and then brakes and engine must be rebuilt. We’ve to goo deeper into the history of this car which we see now for the first time: of course it could be just a stock SS raced in the past, then crashed and rebuilt but the point is that we must read our literature to find something about it. In the meantime find it for sale at $225,000 here in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

One thought on “More info needed: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale “P2”

  1. I will take a guess at this car, it is most likely a Tom Zatloukal creation from Alfa Heaven in Aniwa, Michigan. Tom Zat as he is known in the Alfa circles built some cars for Alfa Romeo to be considered for racing. This is most likely one of the 4 SS “prototypes” he built. Tom Zat also built a 164 race car, and a 164 “station wagon”. Tom had a lot of used 750/101/105 cars that were for parts, as well as a small museum that had his creations inside of a building. The parts cars were sold off to a guy in the San Diego area. I hope this fills in some of the gaps. I am interested in knowing more myself as this is a new car for the Sprint Speciale Register.


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