Inspected, registered, driven: 1975 Bradley GT II


What we have here is, like the other car already published, one of the many kit car experiments based on the reliable VW Beetle chassis. Differently from the other one, this is a Coupé GT.


Differently from the Vokaro which we ave never seen, the Bradley was quite a successful kit car in the USA, indeed this is not the first one we spot for sale but, differently from many other which are basically wrecks which need a deep restoration, this is a car ready to be driven.


The seller says that this car has been inspected, registered and regularly driven. It is also titled and it is provided also with the original factory assembly manual, sales brochure and invite letter; basically the seller says that this car needs nothing. Actually the car looks good: the fiberglass body looks solid and the interiors are very nice: if you add that the engine has been overhauled with a new flywheel and a new clutch, you can’t ask much more from it. Find it for sale at $6,500 here in Ashland, MA.

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