Alfa inspiration: 1954 Fiat 500C Barchetta by Trevisan


We know this car: we’ve seen it for sale in Italy about six years ago at a dealer in the north-east of Italy. Then it disappeared and now it has migrated in Germany, where it’s actually for sale.

TrevisanTopolino1954Barchetta ScreenShot_20160330191611

This barchetta was built by Trevisan, a coachbuilder located in the north-east of Italy: we know very few about him nor we can’t find anything in our literature, even in the one more specialized. What’s clear beyond any doubt is that the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante was the inspiration of this Fiat 500 Barchetta.


Watching the period photo it seems that the car hasn’t changed since then: the wheels, the front grill, the shape, everything looks original. On the other side we’re pretty sure that the Hellebore steering wheel and the gauges are at least 10 years younger items and that they don’t belong to the original equipment. Find it for sale at €79,000 (today $89,500) here in Düren, Germany. Thanks to Marco for this suggestion.


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