The blue one: 1949 Fiat 1100 “Derby” by Bertone


Two Derby by Bertone for sale in two months is probably a rare event: this car is the blue version of its sister published here last month.


The seller says that he owns this car since 2000 and that since then the car benefitted by a sympathetic restoration also with the help of an expert of these coachbuilt Fiats; the car has been restored in the same color combo which came out of Bertone coachworks.


Differently from the other car published here, the first thing that jumps to the eye is that clearly the bumpers are not the same: maybe the car came out from the factory with these bumpers but maybe the truth is that the habe been removed sometimes in the past and then rebuilt from scratch. Interiors looks very nice but the steering wheel is not as nice as the Robergel installed on the red one. Let’s be real: the red one was prettier than this but, hey, you can drive this car home for ten grands less than the other one. Find it for sale at €38,000 (today $43,000) here in Cazzago San Martino, Italy.

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