Made in Italy: Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ Recreation


We have been used to see many replicas of many models which have been so expensive that by now are unaffordable, but this is the first time we see an SZ replica.


SZ which have been built in Italy but unfortunately the seller doesn’t specify by who: for sure whoever has built this body is not a rookie and he’s for sure quite skilled in beating aluminium panels: the car is in the rough stage but its proportions look good.


As just said, the car is quite rough, many panels need to be refinished but it has already a lot of aluminium trim, seats and part of the upholstery. What is a mistery is on what chassis this car is based: it is advertised as a 1980 car but we can’t understand exactly on what Alfa it could be built. Find it for sale here in Istrana, Italy, with bidding at $58,000 and reserve met.


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