A colonial tale: 1936 Fiat Balilla 508B 4M Convertibile


This car made a long trip around the world before landing in the U.S. and, by the way, it’s rare to see one one the other side of the ocean.


The seller says that, according to his researches, this 508B a.k.a. “Balilla”, was bought new by a resident of the south east of Sicily who took the car with him when he moved to Ethiopia which, back then, was an italian colony. Then, in the seventies, he moved to New York and drove the car also there with the Etiopian plate until he sold the car to a man from Texas.


Now the seller says that he purchased the car from the man from Texas: he has replaced the head gasket and now the car drives and has a top speed of 40 mph: of course the engine has some problems as this car can run much faster than that: however these engine are solid and simple so you won’t find much problems in rebuilding the drivetrain. Find it for sale here in Youngstown, OH, with bidding at $5,800 and reserve not met.


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