Blue project: 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000


This blue GTV 2000 is said to have been purchased from the first owner: it would be curious to know who of the two owners choose the blue upholstery. 2

Jokes apart, the car looks good at a first sight: first it looks quite original (if you exclude, as just said, the blue upholstery which was not a factory option); btw the color combo if this car is very nice: blue with cream interiors is a typical combo for a GTV 2000 so it should not be so expensive to replace the vinyl on the front seats and door panels. 3

The engine bay isn’t detailed at all: no strange parts inside is a good thing but the bad news is the black coating around the bay; actually that sound deadening layer was always a bad choice: in the best case scenario it protects the metal but only if sprayed from new; in the worst case that’s a perfect incubator for rust. Last but not least: get a new set of keys as the seller doesn’t have them anymore. Find it for sale at $12,500 here in Lyons, IL.


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