Frua style: 1965 Volvo 1800 S Coupé


As usual for many european automotive firm, also this car was styled by an italian designer: for this car the job was given to Pietro Frua coachworks.


This is not one of the early cars built by Jensen at Pressed Steel: early cars (called P1800) suffered by big assembly and rust issues; they were also slightly different for some details like the front bumper which was not in one piace but split in two.


This car looks like a proper survivor in apparently very nice conditions: outside the car is nice but the best part is the leather interior which looks immaculate: there is some dust on the car which covers the color (something like a blueish grey): whatever the paint color is, the color combo is beautiful. The seller didn’t write anything about the conditions of the car but we suspect that this car will not give any disappointment to the new owner. Find it for sale at €17,500 (today $19,000) here in Milano, Italy.

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4 Responses to Frua style: 1965 Volvo 1800 S Coupé

  1. Hello,There’s no link to the ad for the Volvo.RegardsThomas


  2. Robert Ketele says:

    Je puis éventuellement être intéressé par la Volvo P 1800 que vous annoncez . J’aimerais,si possible,avoir quelques renseignements concernent l’état et bien entendu ,le prix demandé .pour info,c’est une auto que je connais bien,pour y avoir travaillé quelques années pour les rallyes . PS.où ce véhicule est il visible. Merci de la réponse que vous voudrez bien m’adresser.


  3. Classicvirus says:

    Fixed. Thanks for the tip!


  4. Classicvirus says:

    Don’t ask us, ask the seller!


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