Strange coincidences: 1958 Porsche 356A Speedster


This 356 Speedster (chassis #84410) is said to be a proper survivor which has been carried out from a barn (or garage) after many years of storage.


The car looks great: all the things in their place, perfect gaps (especially on the front), great patina (and dust). Morevover it is said to be a matching number car. So far nothing to criticize about it: if I had the money, this would be the Speedster to have in my imaginary collection.


However, there is something hard to explain: there was another barn find Speedster (chassis #83870), same year, same color combo, same dust, auctioned by Gooding Scottsdale few weeks ago; the sale price has been a huge $484,000. How likely is it that two cars so similar come out so close to time? We don’t know but, whatever it is, if the Gooding buyer will see this had he will have a bad day. Find it for sale at $363,000 here in Belmont, CA.

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