Something less, something more: 1971 Fiat Dino 2400 “GTO”

We are generally not oriented in publishing replicas or recreations, but this car deserves few rows.

Indeed this is the outcome of an recreational job made 30 years ago by a guy with the help of his son, that’s probably the dream of evry classic car enthusiast father. What is really astonishing is how well these two guys gave to this body perfect proportions: the seller says that the original Ferrari windshield helped them in giving the shell the correct shape.

Of course what’s underneath is not a noble Ferrari chassis but an honest Fiat Dino 2400 platform: six cylinders less are not a joke but if you ever heard this engine revving up you’ll now that the sound it produces has very few to envy to his bigger brother. The asking price is not cheap but, in the end, how many people buy Cobra/GT40 replicas at the same price? Find it for sale at €98,000 (today $106,000) here in Saint-Junien, France.


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