Luxury fastback: 1970 Iso Lele


One of the last birth in ISO factory was this two-door GT: something in the middle between a Coupé and a family car. Not the most beautiful car out of the Iso factory but still a rare piece of Italian craftsmanship.

ScreenShot003Moreover, if you talk with any mechanic who put his hands on an Iso, they all will tell you that these are cars very well designed and built: this one has a five speed ZF gearbox which is notoriously rock solid and reliable, that’s important especially as it mated to the mighty 327 c.i. Chevrolet engine rated at 300 h.p. These are fast cars indeed.

ScreenShot002This particular car is said to have been sold new in Italy and to have 53,000 original kms: maybe rust problems made the owner decide to restore it. Indeed how it often happens a restoration of a car so complicated often becomes a nightmare, and then you decide to quit. The most important thing is to be sure to have all the parts: this should be the case as the seller says that the car is 100% complete. Find it for sale at €39,000 (today $42,000) here in Genova, Italy.


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