Easter egg: 1962 Ogle SX 1000


This for wheels egg is said to be the ex demonstrator and brochure car back in 1962, of course back then it was in much better conditions than now.


The good is that these cars are based on the Mini platform: a lot of spare parts are available on the market however, as the seller says, the car is almost complete and the good thing is that as the shell is made of fiberglass you don’t need a rotisserie work to fix it. These are very rare cars so don’t complain about the right hand drive: the seller says that less than 70 units were made and something more than the half of that still survive: that’s because the founder David Ogle died in a fatal crash while testing a car like this (!!!!). That’s not a great thing to know but we doubt that this car will be used as a recer in the future. Find it for sale at £10,000 (today $15,000) here in Wednesbury, UK.


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