Plastic surgery needed: 1966 Maserati Quattroporte


This Quattroporte has for sure been beaten on the front in the past and whoever fixed it didn’t care much of the final outcome.


So the car will need for sure a good metal work on the nose but we doubt that the future owner could stop just there: this car seems a good starting point for a total restoration. The problem is that, restoring a car like this could cost even more than restoring a Ghibli which is worth at least three times more than this car: think about the leather alone which is needed here.


On the other side the seller says that this car had one only owner since 1971 (but the plate tells us that this car was first registered in 1966), and that the engine is running and in good order. Maybe the car will not need the amount of work we have estimated: the leather could be cared by a specialist so you don’t need to replace it. The question mark is, as usual, about the rust, but then the only way to know it is inspecting the car in flesh. Find it for sale at €36,000 (today $45,000) here in Magione, Italy.

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