Dark like a bug: 1950 Volkswagen Beetle


We know well that many pepole can’t stand bugs, even if they have a VW badge: however, especially the first series, have that Porsche allure which we love. This is a 1950 bug which still has the purity and the elegange of the early series: we found only once a pre-’50s car but they’re extremely rare to find: our dream is to find a WWII period car but that’s like the Holy Grail so, even this time, we will publish an early post-war Beetle.


This car has been tastefully restored in every deep angle, and the paint quality shows it well: the seller has reported the whole history of the Beetle breed but not so much about the car. What is clear is that the restoration has probably began from a good and original car: the early steering wheel is correct along with many other details and, last but not least, interiors are still original with the car; they’have been for sure cleaned but nothing more than that. Find it for sale at €41,950 (today $52,500) here in Boxtel, The Netherlands.

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