The tuning experience: Fiat 600 “Nardi” engine


It can happen to stumble upon on a very expensive, and very rare, original Abarth engine but it’s extremely rare to find a Nardi engine like this one for sale.


As you know, the power of every engine resides in the head, so many of the period tuning kit consisted in head, carburetors and a different camshaft. These kits were mostly dedicated to the little Fiat or Lancia engines, so every sunday racer could have enough power to join all those climbing races which were everywhere around the Italy of fifty years ago.


The seller of this engine has also published a period advertising where it can clearly seen the same head, intake mainfold and carburetor which are installed on the engine. He also says that pistons and liners are in good shape and that the engine has been never run: so it should be a n.o.s unit. This is a rare gem for the little Fiat lovers, and you hardly will see another one for sale in the next years. Find it for sale at €1,800 (today $2,300) here in Genova, Italy.

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