Not a concours car: 1949 Lancia Aprilia Cabriolet by Pininfarina


When you think at the Lancia badge, you of course think about style, technology and elegance: this car is faithful to such concepts.


This is one of the coachbuilt Aprilia made by Pininfarina across the end of the fourties and the beginning of the fifties and, most of all, it is speculated as being the 1949 show car of the Pininfarina coachworks. It is said to have been restored in the late ’80s and indeed you can easily see it: probably it has been a light restoration as the car needs a bit of attentions.


However, just because it’s not a car in concours conditions, you will not be afraid to drive it whatever the road and weather conditions are. Apart from the general conditions, there are clearly some mistakes on some parts, beginning from the bumpers and the taillights (back then italian cars had no turn signals) but perfection has a cost, and this Aprilia is way more affordable than others. Find it for sale at 54,995 (today $92,500) here in Tunbridge Wells, UK.

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