Affordable racer: 1964 Ford Cortina Lotus


Ok we don’t know if this car was made in 1964, 65 or 66 as the seller didn’t say it, so we have decided to publish it with the first production year of this series.


Indeed the seller didn’t say much about the car: basically he said nothing of this car but is prepared according to group 2 specs and that the engine is new. what we can see is that for sure this car joined some races so far as the interiors are nude, with the exception of the driver’s sport seat. BTW please help us to understand where the shift lever is.


The dashboard too is limited to the bare essential things: all gauges are there along with a cretive shift light made using a turn signal lens, there’s a modern Moto-Lita steering wheel and a roll bar. The floors don’t have the original look: probably they are just a couple of metal sheets welded to the chassis but if you think to use this car at the track only, it doesn’t matter much. On the other side, this is the cheapest running Cortina we see since few years. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $33,500) here in Florence, Italy.

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