Never this old: 1962/63 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray “Split Window”


We have seen many Corvette Stingray for sale so far but few of them were Split Window. But most of all, we have never seen so far a Stingray made in 1962 like this one.


Indeed the seller says that this car was built in 1962: neither we knew that the early cars of this model were produced starting from ’62: now we know it. We don’t understand if the seller and the owner are the same person (we doubt it) but what really matters is that the car seems in very good original conditions.


Probably stored for many years, this Stingray is painted in what we consider the best color for this car: Silver Blue. This is an early car with a 327 engine producing 250 hp, the seller says that it’s a matching number car. Unfortunately the published photos are of poor quality and there is not a single photo of the interiors but, because it should have been stored in the dry Nevada, we guess that the whole car will be healthy. Find it for sale at $75,000 here in Henderson, NV.

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