Aluminium legacy: 1951 Fiat 1100 By Vignale


This coachbuilt Fiat 1100 with an aluminium body by Vignale has seen better days: indeed it is now waiting for someone who take care of it.


It is a total restoration project which has been somehow begun but we must say that we don’t like that floors at all: the seems like two simple metal sheet sheets welded to the body frame; we seriously doubt that the original floors looked like these new ones.


The seller pushes on the fact that this is a Mille Miglia eligible car and very probably that’s true, but there is still a long way to be there. In the meantime, you must pray that every bits is with the car, otherwise set yourself to stand a many headaches. The good is that interiors seem to be all there. Find it for sale at €39,500 (today $54,000) here in Dresden, Germany.


6 thoughts on “Aluminium legacy: 1951 Fiat 1100 By Vignale

  1. I totally agree with you! Interestingly, he now has another car for sale that you had presented on your blog previously. The Fiat Ghia 1500 GT (green) from Sicily. At the end it was offered the at EUR 20’000 and this dealer is trying to sell it for EUR 42’500.– . Let him dream.


  2. You know…maybe 40K could be crazy money but since a couple of years the german one is the richest marketplace of the world; of course it is very discerning. So, if the car is right, I wouldn’t be suprised to see such car sold even at that top asking price.


  3. Germany may be the richest marketplace in the world, but Germans are not crazy – hopefully. it is interesting to see how German dealers think they can just ask any price. I was looking at a Simca 8 Sport, it was for sale in the Netherlands for EUR 23’000.– – it is now for sale by a German Dealer for EUR 34’900.–
    In any case, I enjoy reading your blog every morning while having my morning coffee, what a treat! Thank you.


  4. Germans are way far to be crazy; on the contrary their assessments on cars are structured and rigid. They pay top prices for top cars only.
    On the other side, there in Germany specialized labour is very expensive so, paying €42K for a rare car which needs nothing to be done on it (hopefully) is still more convenient than buying a €10K car which need to be ground-up restored: after all, I always thought that €20K for this car was a bargain.
    Last but not least, there’s a law in Germany which imposes to professional sellers to give a one-year warranty on used cars, even on classic ones. The consequence is that a german buyer is willing to pay a premium to be more serene about his purchase.
    Said so, we’re glad to entertain your morning coffee, we hope to do that for a long time to come!


  5. Thank you for the additional information. I didn’t know that about the German law about the one-year warranty for professional sellers – but it makes sense! I kick myself – I should have bought that Fiat Ghia! I was talking to Lawyer specializing in classic cars which reminded me to be prudent. That the EUR 20’000.– are “top money” for that model. That particular car was on the market for several years starting out at EUR 27’000.– and my guess is, it got sold to the German dealer under EUR 20’000.–. That happens when you “miss the boat”.


  6. And I saw a series 5 Lancia Aurelia B20 sell at the Artcurial Retromobile auction for EU 107,000, including commissions. Now on sale at a German dealer for EU 179,000!!!!


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