Italian-german hybrid: 1968 BMW 1600GT by Frua


The production of this little BMW fastback began when the german firm bought Glas,  a german whorkshop which basically made most of their cars starting from a BMW chassis and engine.


Indeed this car started its life as a Glas 1300 GT in 1964: yet then Glas asked to italian master coachbuilder Pietro Frua to draw the lines of this car. So, the 1600 GT had the same rear end, gearbox and engine of the BMW 1602 Ti and that means very satisfying performances.


This particular car (#1217 on a total of 1256) is said to be in the same family for the last 35 years: the car had a repaint in 1982 but since then it has been not reassembled: however the seller says that every part is with the car, including the ultra rare owner’s manual. He also adds that the car is completely rustless and that the engine doesn’t start but turns freely. It looks like a very good starting point for a total restoration. Find it for sale at €16,000 (today $21,800) here in Roma, Italy.


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