Aircraft inside: 1954 Dellow MK-V


Dellow was a little company born in 1946 near Birmingham, UK, founded by Ken Delingpole and Ron Lowe: the brand is indeed made by their combined surnames. The company was specialized in selling and installing performance parts for the cars which went to trial races.


In 1954 they started to use the new Ford 100E engine in both the Mkll and its new MkV (like this particular car), cars which had a special tubolar chassis and a streamlined body; it is said that such chassis tubes were made of rocket tubes from WWII fighter planes.


This car was equipped with the Ford 100E engine, a four banger flathead which was enough to move properly these light cars. This particular car is in need of a total restoration and it is said to be the only of four lhd cars with a “stock” body, and that it was sold new in the U.S. (the seller provides also a photo of the boarding of the car on the ship). Find it for sale at £20,300 (today $34,000) here in Trieste, Italy.

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