Stancefully yours: 1966 MG 1100


We’d never imagine that a little economy car could have such stance if properly lowered like this MG 1100. And, that’s even more surprising as we’re talking about a one owner, exceptionally preserved car.


The seller says that this car was sold new in San Francisco, CA. and that the owner has always kept this vehicle indoors and properly maintained. Watching the overall conditions of this car, beginning from the immaculate interiors, we could easily state that this is, probably, one of the best MG 1100 specimen in the world, if not the best.


The engine bay too looks as good as it should be: this little car has easily passed its first fifty years, and it’s ready for facing the next fifty. Find it for sale at $17,500 here in the Bay Area, CA.

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One Response to Stancefully yours: 1966 MG 1100

  1. Made up name says:

    This car was not “properly lowered”. It has a pressurized liquid suspension that has leaked down.


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