Modified original: 1964 Abarth 595 D


This Abarth 595 (not properly called Fiat as they were built by Abarth) is said to be an original car with a racing past. It wears the chassis number 669510/01284.


We never saw a 595 with a two-tone paint but Abarth was more an artisan than a builder so some production variations must be considered. This is one of the first 595 built on a Fiat 500 D model (suicide doors) and it also said to be an unrestored car: check the block as the original 595 unit was equipped with a monosleeve instead of two separate cylinders.


We are not convinced that this car was never restored. It was modified anyway as the 595 left the factory with stock 500 D rims, steering wheel and dashboard: the only difference from the stock speedometer was the 130 km/h scale (instead of 110). The driver side racing seat is not original but, at last, the “meat” is all there: find it for sale at €32,000 (today $44,000) here in Perugia, Italy.

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