No, wait….: 1955 Teram-Porsche 356 Fastback


“No, wait…..what the f**k is this?” are the word I said when I stumbled across this ad. After a few researches, it comes out that this one of the very few cars made by Teram, an official Porsche importer from Argentina, which was licensed to build few cars with the “Porsche” badge. So, believe it or not, this car is actually a Porsche.


Teram built another model called “Puntero” in 144 units (more or less) and also this one. However, these are fiberglass cars so are less valuable than the real things but, at the same time, they’re so rare that most people (like us) don’t ever imagine that such cars could exist.


This particular car looks like a stalled project: many genuine Porsche parts inside and outside, with the exception of the rear lights mounted on such bulky tail. The car is high on its rear wheels so very probably the engine is not there. The whole roof is completely different from the stock Porsche 356 although the windscreen looks like the same installed on the Gmund cars. Find it for sale at $7,000 somewhere in Argentina.

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