Clown face: 1959 Lancia Appia GTE by Zagato


Few words by the seller for describing this car (chassis #2890) which looks in almost desperate conditions. Indeed, if the body of this car wouldn’t be made in aluminium, at this point we would see just a pile of rust.


But, as we all know, aluminium doesn’t rust but the steel floors do: it could be actually defined as a “Flintstone’s car”: there is no floor on the passenger’s side and probably the whole chassis needs to be stripped and fixed.


Apart from these defects, the car has still an engine (will it be the original one?) and a complete dashboard with the original steering wheel. The seats come with the car as well. However, the external trims, lights etc. are gone. The seller says that this car has been registered in John De Boer book (we suppose he’s speaking about “The Italian Car Registry”) who is actually called by the seller “Jon De Boj”. Find it for sale here in Vicopisano, Italy, with a starting bid of €25,000 (today $34,000) and no bids so far.

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