The faster, the larger: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAm “evocazione”


Finally, a GTAm “evocazione” painted in a not-red color. Must say that this dark blue is striking mated with the gold GTAm replica wheels and with the tan interiors.


The seller says that this car is loaded with many performance parts, including a rear limited slip differential, fast road cams, and fully adjustable suspensions. The engine must be quite powerful as the heads has been ported so it could be fed by a couple of giant Dell’Orto DCOE45 carburetors.


The “Flying Butress” seats are the most beautiful seats ever made by Alfa Romeo (and not only), they’re really a design and ergonomy masterpiece and they fit perfectly in such extreme road car which, btw, is also equipped with a roll cage. The grilles instead of the high beams are a perfect touch to such angry look. Find it for sale at £34,995 (today $57,000) here in London, UK.

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