Shrank ‘Vette: 1972 Opel GT 1900 Coupé


This Opel GT is a rare bird in USA, differently from Europe where it was much more common. It’s clearly inspired by the C3 Corvette but it looks the same of a wool sweater washed with hot water.


This particular car is said to have 38k original miles and, whatching its general conditions, it seems true. The body looks dry and straight and the interiors look like new and, must say, they are very well designed.


The engine is the same inline-four used on the contemporary Bizzarrini Europa (on this car it was fed by a couple of double-throat Weber carburetors). It produces something more than 100 h.p. which are enough to have fun on a light car like this one. The engine bay is very clean, like the rest of the car; considering the asking price, this car has a great cost/fun ratio. Find it for sale at $9,500 here in Milford, CT.

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One Response to Shrank ‘Vette: 1972 Opel GT 1900 Coupé

  1. Jack Clare says:

    I’ve never seen one of these, nicely styled little thing!


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