Better than plastic: 1969 Grishman’s Porsche 550 RS evocation

Update, november 4

The car has been relisted here with a huge price reduction: the seller has posted more photos and now the car is titled as 1969. The asking price is now €58,550 (today $79,000).

September 13


We never heard of mr. Grishman who is said to have built this 550 RS recreation, but we suppose that the owner knows his own stuff.


Indeed he says that this car has a tubular frame, an aluminium body, a tuned 356 engine producing 110 h.p. along with 16″ Porsche wheels and drum brakes.


The seller doesn’t explain why the car is titled as a 1955 car, nor the history of the car itself (which could be very interesting): these things toghether could explain such high asking price: find it for sale at €120,000 (today $157,500) here in Brescia, Italy.

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