A larger boot: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Giardinetta by Colli


This rare Giulia by Colli is said to have been sold new to Autostrade Concessionaria S.p.A company which, back then, was the company which managed the highway network in Italy. Indeed, most of the Colli cars were sold as mainteinance vehicles of several companies and were built on demand (it is said that 160 wagons were built, more or less).


This car is painted in Lazzi Blue (actually it seems more like a Le Mans Blue) which was the corporate color of the second owner: another company in the bus business. The TZ replica wheels fit obviously well on these cars. The seller says that the driver door, replaced, is the only not original metal of this car. The two seats interior looks very good, covered with the right amount of patina.


The engine bay is very clean and detailed; unfortunately the seller says that the original engine was seriously damaged so it has been replaced with a 1750 c.c. unit. The lack of the original engine is not good but, at last, you’ll have more power with this one. Find it for sale at £22,500 (today $36,000) here in Near Newbury, UK.

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