What you won’t expect: 1975 Porsche 911 “Bigfoot”


Actually we don’t know the the building year of this car (we mean the Porsche body) as the seller doesn’t specify it; we suppose that this is one of the early “bumpers” cars so we arbitrarily decided to title it as a 1975 car.


The seller doesn’t specify the story behind this car as well: it is said to be based on a Mitsubishi Pajero offroad and pushed by a 2.6L inline-four engine. The bad with this car is that it’s not homologated for road use; probably if brought in the right country it could be maybe used on the road to scary kids and grandmothers.


It should not be easy to get in this six and half (2 mt.) tall car, but driving this thing must make you feel as bad as Batman’s Joker. Interiors have been well set up with two OMP race seats and a full rollbar. If you have a large ranch to drive across, this is the car for you. Find it for sale at €7,990 (today $11,000) here in Sepmes, France.


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