Early wagon: 1952 Fiat 500C “Belvedere”


Probably there’s not a classic little car with more class and style than a “Topolino” Belvedere. This car was born to let common people have a little and cheap car but, at the same time, providing them with more space than a standard Fiat 500 for every family need.


This particular car is very nicely restored in a classic olive green with dark green leather interiors. Nice to see that this car is equipped with the original specs rear lights, often replaced to meet the post-’59 italian road regulations. Another nice feature of these little wagons is the ragtop, probably a unique feature for a station wagon (although smaller than your bike).


The seller says that the car carries its original black plate and papers: we think that the seller forgot to put the number one at the beginning of the asking price because, as is, that’s a bargain. Find it for sale at €7,400 (today $10,000) here in Brescia, Italy.


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