One of one: 1949 Becherini Spider by Neri

Update, october 16

Eraldo Becherini spider Becherini di Lluigi Riccardi

Nicola Becherini, grandson of Nicola Becherini (the builder of this car) contacted us giving us more fresh info. First, he says that the body was not crafted by Vignale but by Carrozzeria Fratelli Neri (Neri brothers coachworks) of Tivoli, Rome. He also says that that’s pretty sure that the engine belonged to a second race car used by Luigi Riccardi and his brother Enrico, this car is obviously missing since then. He also confirms that many parts of a Fiat 500C were used in building this car which had a Zundapp engine since then. In the early ’50’s photo above there is Eraldo Becherini, son of the builder, portrayed in an “epic” pose; glad to see that since then the cars is not changed at all, with the only exception of the front grille which is actually missing. Thanks to Nicola becherini for sharing these info with us and every classic cars nut.

March 27



This cute little spider has several fathers. Although it is called “Fiat” by the seller, very few of Fiat lives in this car (basically brakes, suspensions and transmission). In 1949, Mr. Luigi Riccardi of Tivoli (Rome, Italy) bought from Enrico Nardi the space frame chassis #86449 along with a Zundapp flat-twin engine (air cooled) with a 600 c.c. displacement. A spider body was commissioned to Alfredo Vignale to dress that chassis. All those parts were then assembled in the workshop of Nicola Becherini.



The result is, for us, a beautiful and elegant little spider. The seller says that the car has been entirely restored in 2008: in that occasion a 1000 c.c. BMW engine was fitted to have a little more power and torque (however, the seller says that the original engine will come with the car to the next owner). Maybe we are speaking of 50 h.p., but on a 1100 pounds car they’re enough to have fun.


Interiors are simple and clean but they don’t look “casual”. Basically, there isn’t a thing of this car which we don’t like. Find it for sale at €65,000 (today $84,000) here in Roma, Italy.

One thought on “One of one: 1949 Becherini Spider by Neri

  1. Hi, I’m the current owner of the Becherini and I would appreciate receiving all possible infos on the car and possibly their source to write down the full story of this beauty.

    Of course I’ll be happy to share all the material in my possession.


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