Family man’s V6: 1956 Lancia Aurelia B12


To the collective imagination the name “Aurelia” means sport, coupè, spider or Touring. But, before all these models, there was an Aurelia built for executives or affluent family men. Indeed this is a four door, six seats fastback pushed by the Lancia V6, the first V6 engine ever made, designed by engineer Francesco De Virgilio.



Few, very few of these cars survived so far and this is one of those. Indeed the seller says that this is a survivor, never restored nor painted. We believe it as the interiors photo shows an untouched, although dirty, interior upholstered with a mix of leather and Lancia cloth. Moreover, it’s rare to see a late ’40’s lhd Lancia: back then it was an optional feature.


The engine bay too looks extremely original: once cleaned this is really a museum car: someone once said that it’s original once: this is the case. Find it for sale at €16,000 (today $21,500) here in Frascati, Italy.


4 thoughts on “Family man’s V6: 1956 Lancia Aurelia B12

  1. After a check on the plate, assuming that is a “Roma” plate, this car was registered in 1956 as license plates starting with “26” were issued that year. Thanks for the suggestion.


  2. Ciao Francesco,
    Interesting….I was guessing from the fuzzy photo that the chassis number was 1560 which would make it a B12S from ’55.


  3. It indeed could be: the car could have changed the province in the meantime or it could be a late ’55 car sold in ’56. I would have been much more puzzled watching a ’56 chassis with a ’55 license plate.


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