Classic stash: A collection for sale


Sometimes it happens that, because of health issues, death or whatever bad reason it is, an entire collection must go. In this case the seller doesn’t mention the reason of the sale; however the collection has been made putting toghether mostly america cars along with some european spot. It starts from a “Buddymobile”, aka 1949 Nash sedan, passing through a bunch of Mopars like the beautiful green Cuda;


There is also spece for some european like a 1962 Austin Healey BN7 which still needs some work.


The entire collection is made of these cars:

1949 Nash BUDDYMOBILE Bathtub Sedan 350 Chevy engine & trans, front disc brakes, 4 link rear axle assembly- $22,000

1954 Lincoln Capri Pan American street legal and off road race car – $11,995

1962 Austin Healey BN7 tri carb 2 seater Roadster built as a touring car – $37,500

1963 Ford Thunderbird MONACO EDITION car #572 a California car from Day One – $22,500

1964 Pontiac GTO 389 auto with factory air conditioning and reverb, PHS certified – $32,500

1965 CHECKER YELLOW TAXI CAB – V/8, auto trans, power steering, power brakes, – $22,000

1963 1969 1981 Checker Taxi Cab and 2 Marathon sedans, all run & drive, all all 3 for $22,500

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible with factory air conditioning and front disc brakes – $22,500

1970 Plymouth 340 real Cuda in Sublime / Limelight paint 340 auto trans, white interior, black vinyl roof – $34,500

1970 Plymouth Barracuda Grand Coupe with a big block 383 engine and factory air conditioning, rare e-body – $37,500

1970 Dodge Challenger Coupe, looks like the Vanishing Point Challenger just before the crash – $16,500

1971 Plymouth Barracuda Grand Coupe restored in Plum Crazy 340 spec motor with auto trans – $59,500

1972 Dodge Charger 440 4 speed Dana 60 track pack 2 data plates hemi orange paint black interior – $79,500

1973 Plymouth Cuda auto factory air conditioning original yellow paint a real suvivior BS23 coupe – $37,500

1975 CZ 380 Falta vintage motorcross dirt bike just out of dry storage – a real BARN FIND BIKE – $1,450

Pick your preferred car here in Los Angeles, CA.

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