Oily but solid: 1966 Lancia Flaminia 2.8 GTL Coupé by Touring


This Flaminia Coupé is a GTL model, it has an higher roof than the GT but it is a proper 2+2 and, last but not least, only 303 were made according to Touring Superleggera registry. However, this car is less valued than the GT model, and that’s why it’s generally worth the half.


This particular car however, seems very solid: the seller posted a photo of the undercarriage which seems very greasy: probably all this oil protected the floors during the last 50 years. Interiors are original and not so bad: for sure they were not abused in the past and we really believe that the leather could be entirely salvaged.


A nice feature of this car is the 2.8L, three carbs engine: this is the most powerful unit of the Aurelia breed; it produced 150 h.p. and a beautiful sound. The seller says few about this car; for example we are curious to know what happened to the windscreen or where this car has been delivered when new. The only sure thing we know is that you can find it for sale at €19,900 (today $26,900) o.b.o. here in Chiari, Italy.

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