Gentle outlaw: 1965 Porsche 356 C


This Porsche 356 is said to be a 1965 “C” model: a quick check on the VIN number provided by the seller (#221373) confirms that. We like the blue of the paint which remind us a typical hot-rod shade. Needless to say that the Fuchs wheels fits always well on these cars.


Interiors have been set up for vintage racing; so a roll-bar has been put in place along with a modern steering wheel (which doesn’t fit so good for our taste). We doubt that those riveted aluminium seats are compliant with SCCA rules but they are very nice to see.


The seller says that the engine has been upgraded to 1750 c.c. and it unleashes its power through four Yokohama 205/60/15 tires. A nice feature of the last series 356’s are the four disc brakes: I drove a four drum brakes 356 and I must say that you can’t feel so secure when you need to stop suddenly. We think that this car is made more to be showed than driven but, at last, the decision about what to make of it, it’s up to you. Find it for sale at $49,950 here in Denver, CO.

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