No trunk: 1953 Panhard Dyna X87 Junior


This 1953 Panhard X87 (vin #855685) is one of the 4,000 (more or less) made from 1952 to 1953: it’s equipped with a 850 c.c. flat-twin, air cooled engine producing 40 h.p. and it has a shape which you won’t forget easily: it deserves the nickname “bathub” even more than the Porsche Speedster appeared in 1954. A typical element of this car is for sure the squared windshield which seems to be designed and installed only after the first prototype was made.


Indeed, watching the car from the rear point of view, it’s easy to think at the Porsche speedster: the lack of the trunk lid is another peculiarity of this little roadster.


Unfortunately the seller provides only one dark, bad photo of the interior: don’t worry, the seller himself says that the interior needs to be redone, along with the paint, soft top and some holes in the rear undercarriage. No matter what, we like it. Find it for sale at €13,000 (today $17,000) here in Marennes, France.

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