Nice wheels: 1951 Bec-Gilera Saturno 500 Monoposto


This 1951 home-built race car is pushed by a Gilera Saturno 500 motorcycle engine in order to join the 500 c.c. class back then: the builder was a french (we suppose) guy, Adrien Bec who is said to have built three cars including this one which is bodied using the aluminium.


The seller doesn’t mention where suspension and other ancillaries come from, for sure the chassis and the body have been hand made by the builder; btw, this car carries the chassis #001. The seller also provides at least a period photo and he says that also some period projects and drawings come with the car.


We wonder where those wheels come from: they look spectacular with their light and elegant design: truly a work of art. This car carries on its shoulder a little piece of car history; it oozes the passion and love of its builder and it shouldn’t be never restored. Find it for sale at €39,000 (today $52,000) here in Nervesa, Italy.

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2 Responses to Nice wheels: 1951 Bec-Gilera Saturno 500 Monoposto

  1. Anton Krivanek says:

    I believe the wheels are Topolino, drilled for lightness, fairly common for this type of car at the time.


  2. We hope to give new information about the car soon. Our researches are in progress.


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