Usual rust: 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


This 1963 Giulia Spider should have the original paint which is completely faded, looking more like orange than the proper red. Otherwise it seems a complete car: the seller says that this car is complete for about 90% or more and that he doesn’t have loose parts with the exception of the gas tank.


The engine bay seems correct and complete: very probably the engine has been overhauled in the past as it looks newer than the rest of the car. Very important is the presence of the air filter assembly which, if missing, is a very expensive spare part (when you find it).


The seller is honest in saying that the car needs major metal work as it’s rusty all over the floors and sills: watching the photos you won’t say that. However, it’s a complete car (at least for the main parts) and could be a good candidate for a total restoration if it comes at the right price (in our opinion, no more than $15-18k). Find it for sale here in Imperial, MO. with bidding just over $7,000 and reserve not met.

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