Iron-side: 1953 DKW Barchetta


This barchetta is said to have been built on a DKW in 1953, but the seller doesn’t specify on what model nor who built it. As a 1953 car, it should be based on a DKW 3=6, but in the meantime he says that the engine is a 1000 c.c. unit instead of 900 c.c. which should be the correct displacement for that year (or before). Obviously, we are speaking of the inline-three, two stroke engine of the same car featured on CV few weeks ago.


The profile of the car, which somehow remind us a flatiron, is shaped more like a ’30’s race car than an early fifties barchetta, but to understand that properly we should have been in the mind of its builder, who made it in metal (as the seller says). And, because this item is so particular, more photos would have been very appreciated.


Apart from the ugly taste carpets, interiors are clean but they deserve a better choice than a late ’60’s Hellebore steering wheel. The father of all doubts is: has this car been built really in 1953? We hope that in the next days the seller will put more info on this car; in the meantime you can find it for sale at €30,000 (today $39,000) here near Catanzaro, Italy.


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