Amadori equipped: 1961 Lancia Appia Sport “Passo corto” by Zagato


The seller doesn’t specify the year of this stunning Appia Zagato but, because it says that this car is a “passo corto” (s.w.b.), we can deduce that this car is at least from 1961, the first production year of this model. The red – perfect – paint should be the “Rosso Arcoveggio” shade which perfectly fits the lines of this berlinetta. We wonder if the car is missing the bumpers or if they would come with the car.


The car is also equipped with a set of very rare, and very valuable, Amadori magnesium rims. They not only are great on this car but thery are period correct too. Those plates are not the first ones as they were issued in 1978.


Unfortunately the seller doesn’t provide any photos of interiors or engine bay but, seeing the car from outside and, last but not least, seeing the collection which this car is part of, we don’t doubt at all the the whole car should be almost perfect. Perfection is expensive so you can find this car for sale at €85,000 (today $110,000) here in Mantova, Italy.

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