Son of beat: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GS Quattroruote by Zagato


This car has been built in consequence of the late ’60’s beat wave, when many builders tried to replicate the style and lines of the pre-war cars: just think at the Siata Spring and at the Gamine built by Vignale. This car was an idea of the most sold italian car magazine, Quattroruote (still existing today) in collaboration with Zagato coachworks. The idea was to remake the glorious 6C 1750 Gran Sport.


They did it using four drum brakes and a Giulia TI engine, with a body made by Zagato. The price was not so high but the car was way far to be a bestseller: actually only 82 cars were made.


This particular car has not any visible defect: the Borrani wire wheels are in perfect shape, along with the body and interiors. Probably the steering wheel has been replaced, but finding a correct one shouldn’t be a pain in the ***. Find it for sale here in Tate, GA, with a starting bid of $50,000 and reserve price unmet.

One thought on “Son of beat: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GS Quattroruote by Zagato

  1. Where could one see this car in person if still for sale? Is there the zippier side curtain top with it?
    The original tool kit with hammer for knock offs? And the tonneau cover? Has the carbs been added to the motor or all original? Does the master cylinder have the shield in tact with heat covering in place?


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