Firm price: 1968 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior


The seller is straight: this price of this car is firm. Well, it’s easy to be stick on the asking price of a car like this as the GTA is one of the most desiderable object for every italian car collector. This particular car is not perfect, but all the imperfection here are easily fixable with a little expense.


The twin spark engine, capable of revving up to 7500 r.p.m. (from factory) is in its place, along with the fundamental oil cooler. Like it happens to many GTA, the seller has installed velocity stacks in place of the stock air filter; the bympers too are not installed: minor and tolerable defect on a GTA.


With the exception of the front seats and of that strange light in the middle of the dash, interiors are correct: the Hellebore steering wheel is always an eye candy. This 1,650 pound heavy, aluminium bodied car is for sale at €100,000 (today $130,000) is for sale here in Roma, Italy.


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