Old skool: 1936 Ford Roadster custom


Nowadays it’s extremely difficult to find a period “custom” or “hot rod”. Sure, there are some “famous” custom cars built by master customizers between ’50’s and ‘early ’70’s, but those cars fetch six figures prices so you’ll never have one. Then, there are cars made by obscure builders, sometimes in their garages, and this car could be one of those.


The seller days that this car was customised in 1962 from the owner who owned it till his death. The bigger work on this car should have been the molding of the front panel to accomodate the LaSalle grill. Watching the car from the back you see that the rumble seats have disappeared. The curved fender skirt is a tasteful detail.


The 1940 Ford dashboard fits well and it has a nice late Decò appearance. The white paint between the driver door and the body is a sign of a poor later respray. This car should be checked deeply but, especially if matched with some period photos, it would be a nice piece of pop-art on wheels. Find it for sale at $27,000 here in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

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