Time warp: 1970 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior


This ’70 Scalino (aka stepnose or stepfront) belongs to the last year’s batch produced with this face. The seller says that this car has been imported from Italy after it has been bought from the second owner. It is said to have 12,354 kms from new, and it’s described as a “Time warp”. This car is equipped with an Alfaholics handling kit (perhaps the “C” one, the lowest of the bunch) and 15″ GTA replica rims which, must say, look always gorgeous on these cars, although the 14″ are the proper ones.


Interiors are correct with the exception of the steering wheel which belongs to the “Unificato” series Junior.


We know these cars and we can pacefully uphold the correctness of the engine bay (including ring clips), with the only exception of the spark plugs wires which should be green. Now, it’s not easy to say if this car could really be a true survivor. These cars are badly prone to rust even if garage stored, and watching the perfect undercarriage it’s hard to believe that no work has been performed on it through the years. Otherwise, it’s an exceptional specimen and the asking price reflects that. Find it here for sale at £19,995 (today $31,000) in London, UK.

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