Four-leaf: 1967 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Veloce


We love Alfa Romeo stepfront series and this car is one of its best representative: the Veloce model is the rarest one (apart of GTA series) and features the dohc/twin weber carburetor/four banger engine, together with its magnificent growl. The Veloce model has different front seats and a different steering wheel as well.


Interiors seem complete and correct. The steering wheel is the correct one for a veloce. The dashboard displays also a period correct radio. The ashtray/lighter assembly is there and it’s a good thing: it’s not easy to find, and when you find it you’ll must be prepared to pay it a lot of money.


The engine bay is tired but all the components are there, including the air filter assembly which is very difficult and expensive to find. As the engine bay is painted in blue or black, we suppose that the green is not the original color of this car. However, the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo archive) is always willing to help you in searching for the original features of the car. These cars are very rust prone so be prepared to do a lot of metal work on it. Find it here for sale at $ 11,900 in Annapolis, MD.

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