Born red: 1969 Porsche 911E Coupé


This 1969 Porsche 911E is said to be sitting since few years. Its original color was red but at some point in its life it was repainted in black: we think that it happened many years ago as the paint shows some cracks on the left rear fender.


The seller says that the engine is a 1972 2.4 E: it’s a mechanical fuel injection one but the red cooling housing was adopted by the 911/53 “S” engine. What’s the truth?


Interiors seem not abused, and all the gauges seem correct and in their own place, as well as the steering wheel.


Overall, we think that for few years this car should be used as is after an engine/brakes overhauling. Maybe a total restoration could be too expensive considering the potential value of the finished car; otherwise we are pretty sure that in few years all the pre-bumper Porsches will reach prohibitive price levels, especially on fuel injected cars. The car is for sale at $18,900 here in Costa Mesa, CA.

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